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Image Submission and Cropping Info

Image Submission:

When you purchase items requiring an image you will need to send the image you would like on your item/s. Please submit images that are no less than 300 dpi in a .jpg format. They should be cropped as you would like them to appear and no smaller than 3 inches wide at their narrowest.

Image Crops:

ALL Square and Round items - Crop to 3" square
13mm x 18mm Vertical Only - Crop to 5" x 7" and downsize to 3" at the widest
15mm x 20mm Vertical Only - Crop to 3" x 4"
20mm x 30mm - Crop to 2" x 3" for either orientation
30mm x 40mm - Crop to 3" x 4"
Sterling Rectangles - Crop to 3" x 4"
Silver Tone Key Ring - Crop to 2" x 2.5"
Panoramic Key Ring - 2" x 4.3"
Business Card Case - Crop to 3.5" x 6.5"
** Some sizes may have a pixel or 2 trimmed from the edges due to the unique variation of each Mother of Pearl tile. Please keep this in mind if submitting extremely close crops.

If you need help sizing and cropping your image please submit what you have and include a message requesting assistance. A preview of the image adjustment will be sent within 48 hours and work will not begin on the order until approval of the changes has been made. This service is free of charge but please note that it may extend the product delivery timeframe due to the approval process prior to starting production.

Uploading Images:

To upload your file CLICK HERE and from your e-mail toolbar select insert > file > browse to the image you would like included and double click. Be sure images are sent as attachments and not within the body of the email as this degrades the file quality. Then fill out the information requested and send. You will receive a confirmation e-mail letting you know the process was completed successfully.

All images on are for display purposes only and the final product will bear the image you submit for production. The quality of the image submitted will be represented on the quality of the final product.

Images submitted for merchandise purchases may be used by Little Whimsy for display purposes only on product, in the blog, and in marketing materials. If you prefer that your image and final product not be used please make a note in the comments when submitting your images. 

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